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Making the Case: Libertarians and Liberals for President Bush

The following links are of course (nearly) too late to influence anyone's vote, but I think they're worth noting for the record. This election will be much discussed over the next four years and, I think, far beyond. (Additional links welcome.)

The Libertarian Case for President Bush

David Hogberg at Hog Haven.

Megan McArdle (a/k/a Jane Galt) at Asymmetrical Information (though I think she's way too pessimistic about Iraq).

Virginia Postrel at Dynamist. (Soundbite: "Though I supported the war in Iraq, I never thought it would be easy. In fact, I thought things would be worse.")

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.

The Liberal Case for President Bush

Roger Simon (to be done: link to a specific post)

Michael Totten

Ann Althouse (to be done: link to a specific post)

Oliver Kamm

Frank Warner (to be done: link to a specific post)

Sarah Baxter

Kesher Talk rounds up More Jewish liberals for Bush

Sine Quo Non talks about Two Winstons (Churchill and George Orwell, whose main character in 1984 was Winston)

Ari, a 30-something chick in NYC

In February 2003, VodkaPundit compiled a list of Liberals for Liberation. It would be interesting to review which still back Bush.

The Conservative Case for President Bush

I think this one is adequately covered elsehere!

For the liberation of Iraq ... but now for Senator Kerry

Daniel Drezner (Soundbite: "The question to ask is: assume both Kerry and Bush will completely embody their worst stereotypes -- which candidate leaves the country better off? By a hair, I think it's Kerry.")

Josh Chavetz (Soundbite: "Given those two options, this year, I reluctantly choose Kerry.")

David Adesnik (Soundbite: "Ultimately, I recognize that the arguments made above reflect a considerable degree of speculation about Kerry's motives ... [but] I do not believe that it is possible to make a decision in this election that doesn't rest on a considerable degree of speculation.")

The Economist


Posted Nov. 1, 2004


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